Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dufftown Championships - 9th October 2010

On the same day as the British, 11 of our other players fought at one of our local competitions in Dufftown. They all fought hard with some good results. Matside coach on the day was Elaine and she was very impressed with the standard of judo produced by our home grown talent.


Sean Dunn (-50kg) - Gold
Louise Proctor (-25kg) - Gold
Logan Rurie (-30kg) - Gold
Arran Christie (-34kg) - Gold (Red belt category)
Lewis Williamson (-38kg) - Gold
Andrew McWatt (-34 kg) - Silver (Yellow belt category)
Sean Dunn (-60kg) - Youths Silver
Leila Adrif (-25kg) - Silver
Eric Rasmussen (-42kg) - Bronze
Nordin Adrif (-34kg) - Bronze
Rurie McColl (-42kg) - No result
Kieran McColl (-55kg) - No result

Well done to all !!

Monday, 8 November 2010

British Championships - Sheffield - 9th & 10th October

Well done to all players that qualified to attend the British Championships in Sheffield this year. This is the time that all the best players in Britain get together to be crowned British champion 2010. It is not easy! All of our players fought very well on the day some going further through than others.


Stuart Mcwatt (-46kg B band) - Gold + British Champion!
Jessie Mathewson (-48kg C band) - 5th place
James Littler (-50kg B band) - 7th place
Shannon Reid (-44kg B band) - No result
Liam Atkin (-30kg B band) - No result
Helen Forbes (-52kg C band) - Fought well no result

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Scottish Championships - Perth - 11th September 2010

18 players, 13 medals & 7 new Scottish Champions!

Garioch Judo Club were flying high at the weeekend! The whole squad fought very well, with most of them trying to make qualification for the British Championships in October in Sheffield. Special well done to Ewen MacDonald who fought hard through his category, but unfortunately on his last fight of the day: broke his wrist, the clubs thoughts are with you!


Band A:

Murray Wood (-30kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion
Lewis Mark (-30kg) - Silver
Ben Demirander (-34kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion
Lewis Williamson (-34kg) - Silver
Olivia Reid (-32kg) - Bronze

Band B:

Liam Aitken (-30kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion
Ryan Harper (-34kg) - Bronze
Fergus MacFarlane (-42kg) - Won 2 Lost 2
Stuart McWatt (-46kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion
James Littler (-50kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion
Shannon Reid (-44kg) - Bronze

Band C:

Ross Mark (-55kg) - Bron
Ewen MacDonald (-55kg) - Bronze
Scott Lyall (-55kg) - Won 1 Lost 2
Sean Dunn (-50kg) - 5th Won 2 Lost 2
Helen Forbes (-52kg) - Silver
Jessie Mathewson (-48kg) - Scottish Champion

Band D:

Bradley Fyfe (-90kg) - Gold + Scottish Champion

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heart of England - Birmingham - 5th September 2010

The club had 4 of our top players competing at the NIA Birmingham in one of the most prestigious events in the Judo calendar. There was 10 mat areas in operation and we came away with some great results.


Annemarie Holding (Seniors, Open) - Silver
Ewen MacDonald (C Band, -55kg) - Won 1 Lost 2
Jessie Mathewson (C Band, -48kg) - Won 1 Lost 2
Stuart McWatt (B Band, -46kg) - Gold

Well done guys!

UK School Games - 2nd-5th September 2010

Garioch had 2 players fighting for Scotland at this very important event, Helen Forbes & Bradley Fyfe. They can both hold their heads high after putting in great performances.


Bradley Fyfe (-90kg) -

Lakeland Open - Kendal - 22nd August 2010

This years Lakeland Open only had one competitor from Garioch in attendance due to one of our players being injured. Stuart McWatt fought hard through his category (Under 16 years -46kg) only to be beaten in the final with seconds to go.

Well done Stuart!!


Stuart McWatt
(-46kg, Under 16yrs) - Silver

Monday, 28 June 2010

Kent International - 26th & 27th June 2010

Our biggest group ever entered the prestigious event in London, we had six players enter the competition which had over 1000 entries over the two days. The standard of judo was very high with players from all over Europe fighting to gain a medal.


Stuart McWatt (-46kg, Under 16yrs blue and brown belts) - Bronze
Olivia Reid (-27kg, Under 16yrs orange and green belts) - Bronze
Shannon Reid (-44kg, Under 16yrs orange and green belts) - Bronze
Helen Forbes - No result
James Littler - No result
Jessie Mathewson - 1 Win

Well done to all of you that entered, you have made your coach and club very proud!

UK Schools Games Trials - 19th June 2010

Bradley Fyfe (-90kg) & Helen Forbes (-52kg) recently attended the trials at Kilmarnoch. Both of them won their categories, which gives them instant qualification to fight for Scotland at the UK school games in September.

Well done to both of you! The club will be behind you all the way to the games and beyond.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Inverness Open - 5th June 2010

Well done to all the players that attended Inverness. The club had a good day out with 12 medals in total and some great judo on display.


James Littler (-46kg, Under 16's) - Gold
Shannon Reid (-44kg, Under 16's) - Gold
elen forbes (-57kg, Under 16's) - Gold

Liam Aitken (-30kg, Under 12's) - Gold
Fergus McFarlane (-38kg, Under 12's) - Gold
Ben De Mirander (-34kg, Under 12's) - Gold

Stuart McWatt (-50kg, Under 16's) - Silver
Murray Wood (-30kg, Under 12's) - Silver
Olivia Reid (-32kg, Under 12's) - Silver
Lewis Williamson (-38kg, Under 12's) - Silver

Ross Mark (-55kg, Under 16's) - Bronze
Logan Rorie (-27kg, Under 12's) - Bronze

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Invergordon Mini Mons - 29th May 2010


Louise Proctor (-28kg) - Gold
Keiran McCall (-55kg) - Gold
Logan Rorie (-27kg) - Gold
Nicole Gault (-44kg) - Gold

Well done to Rurie McCall, he fought well on the day with 1 win 2 loses.

Well done to everyone who entered!

Highland Open - 15th & 16th May 2010


Liam Aitkin
(-30kg Under 12's) Gold
Murray Wood (-30kg Under 12's) Silver
Olivia Reid
(-32kg Under 12's) Silver

Shannon Reid
(-48kg Under 16's) Silver

Well Done to our team that went to the Fort William competition great result!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Scottish Mini Mons - 8th May 2010

Louise Proctor (-24kg - 10years) Silver
Andrew McWatt (-34kg -10years) 1 win 2 loses

Well done to our two brave players that ventured down to Glasgow. Great result!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Agglorex Troffee, Belgium - 11th April 2010

Garioch had two players fighting in one of the biggest competitions in Belgium with players from all over Europe attending . Lommel a town in the north of Belgium held the prestigious tournament. There were 700 competitors attending and seven full sized mat areas, the arena was huge.

Stuart McWatt took a silver in the under 15 years -46kg , Stuart fought well during the tournament winning every fight by ippon.

James Littler was our other player attending, he had a great competition narrowly missing out on the medals. James also fought in the under 15years -46kg .

Well done to the two of you.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Aberdeenshire Sports Awards - 26th March 2010

Congratulations to Stuart McWatt (senior) and Stuart McWatt for winning Aberdeenshire sports coach of the year 2009 and male youth player of the year 2009. Well Done from the whole club!

Stuart McWatt (senior) was also recognised by Judo Scotland as children's coach of the year 2009.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Classes held at the Beacon

Just to let everyone know classes are now no longer being held at Dyce Primary School/Community Centre and are back at their original location of the Beacon

Friday, 19 March 2010

Elgin Open - 13th March 2010

Elgin open is one of the biggest area competitions in the north of Scotland with all of the clubs in the north east attending. Needless to say there was a great turn out. Garioch had 20 players attending all did very well with some great results.



Logan Rorie (
-27kg ) Silver
Liam Atkin (-30kg) Gold
Lewis Mark (-30kg) Silver
Murray Wood (-30kg ) Bronze
Ben Demirander (-34kg) Silver
Morgan Cook (-34kg) Bronze
Rhyan Harper (-34kg ) 2 wins 2 loses

Fergus McFarlane (-38kg) Silver
Rurie McColl (-38kg) No result
Lewis Williamson (-38kg) 1 win 2 loses

James Littler (-46kg) Gold

Scott Lyall (-50kg) Bronze
Ross Mark (-50kg) Bronze
Keiran McColl (-50kg) No result


Nicole Galt (-50kg) Silver
Rebecca Demirander (Open) Gold
Charlotte (Open) Silver


Harriet Andrews - Silver


Harriet Andrews - Bronze
Fiona Robertson - No result
Carol - Bronze
Phillip Jack (+80kg) Gold
Bradley Fyfe (+80kg) Silver

Thursday, 25 February 2010

North West Judo Championships - 20th February 2010

Garioch had 9 players down at st.helens near Liverpool at the weekend and returned with some good results. the competition is one of the biggest junior ranking events in the uk.the standard of judo was very high with the best players in the uk attending.


Stuart McWatt (
-46kg) Silver
Murray Wood (
-30kg) Bronze
James Littler - 5th place
Helen Forbes - 5th place
Ben Demirander - 5th place
Ewen MacDonald - 2 wins 2 loses
Morgan Cook - 1 win 2 loses
Jessie Mathewson - 1 win 2 loses
Lewis Mark - no result

Well done to all my players that took the time to go down and attend this event and the parents for their support

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Midland Area Open Competition - 30th & 31st January 2010

Garioch had some players down in Birmingham this weekend taking part in the first big competition of the year. It was held in Walsall university campus with over 300 competitors each day. Needless to say our guys where nervous, with new rule changes and some of them moving up weight categories it was never going to be a walk in the park.


Stuart McWatt (-46kg B band) - Silver
Jessie mathewson (-44kg B band) - Silver
James littler -42kg B band - 5th
Ewan macdonald -55kg B band - no result

Well done to all four players great performance on the day.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Garioch Winter Camp - 21st & 22nd December 2009

This was the first winter camp that we have run at Garioch and it went very well. The festive theme was helped with the heavy down fall of snow! The first hour every morning was done outside, running and doing circuit work. We then had plenty of judo and also some festive fun!

Well done to all that attended.

Pictures to follow....