Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Northern Area Closed Mini Mons - 14th November 2009

Well done to the handful of players that entered. Elaine was our mat side coach on the day and was pleased to see our players trying lots of different techniques on ground and standing. Well done everyone!


Fergus MacFarlane (-38kg) - Gold
Nordine Adrif (-30kg) - Silver
Logan Rorie (-27kg) - Silver
Andrew McWatt (-30kg) - Bronze
Lewis Williamson (-34kg) - Bronze
Ruarie McColl (-34kg) - Bronze
Kieran McColl (-50kg) - Bronze

Monday, 9 November 2009

Granite City Open - 7th November 2009

Well done to all our players that attended this years Granite City Open. We had 18 players fighting for medal glory and succeed in securing 15 medals to add to an already great year.


Stuart McWatt (-46kg) - Gold
Ewen McDonald (-50kg) - Gold
Jessie Mathewson (-44kg) - Gold
James Littler (-42kg) - Silver
Murray Wood (-30kg) - Silver
Morgan Cook (-34kg) - Silver
Helen Forbes (-57kg) - Silver
Olivia Reid (-28kg) - Silver
Ross Mark (-46kg) - Bronze
Scott Lyall (-50kg) - Bronze
Fergus McFarlane (-38kg) - Bronze
Ben Demirander (-34kg) - Bronze
Lewis Mark (-30kg) - Bronze
Shannon Reid (-44kg) - Bronze

Adults Results:

Michael Skakles (-66kg) - Gold

Well done to Nordine, Kyle and Harriet - Great effort by all three!