Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Northern Area Closed Mini Mons - 14th November 2009

Well done to the handful of players that entered. Elaine was our mat side coach on the day and was pleased to see our players trying lots of different techniques on ground and standing. Well done everyone!


Fergus MacFarlane (-38kg) - Gold
Nordine Adrif (-30kg) - Silver
Logan Rorie (-27kg) - Silver
Andrew McWatt (-30kg) - Bronze
Lewis Williamson (-34kg) - Bronze
Ruarie McColl (-34kg) - Bronze
Kieran McColl (-50kg) - Bronze

Monday, 9 November 2009

Granite City Open - 7th November 2009

Well done to all our players that attended this years Granite City Open. We had 18 players fighting for medal glory and succeed in securing 15 medals to add to an already great year.


Stuart McWatt (-46kg) - Gold
Ewen McDonald (-50kg) - Gold
Jessie Mathewson (-44kg) - Gold
James Littler (-42kg) - Silver
Murray Wood (-30kg) - Silver
Morgan Cook (-34kg) - Silver
Helen Forbes (-57kg) - Silver
Olivia Reid (-28kg) - Silver
Ross Mark (-46kg) - Bronze
Scott Lyall (-50kg) - Bronze
Fergus McFarlane (-38kg) - Bronze
Ben Demirander (-34kg) - Bronze
Lewis Mark (-30kg) - Bronze
Shannon Reid (-44kg) - Bronze

Adults Results:

Michael Skakles (-66kg) - Gold

Well done to Nordine, Kyle and Harriet - Great effort by all three!

Monday, 12 October 2009

British Championships - 10th/11th October 2009

The club had six players qualify for the British Championships this year under the new system and we returned with one new British champion and two bronze medallists.

Stuart mcwatt fought his way on Saturday to become British Champion at under 42kg b band. Well done Stuart from everyone at the club!

Other medallists where Jessie Mathews and Ewen McDonald who both fought well on the day and came home with a bronze medal - well done both of you. James Littler, Scott Lyall and Helen Forbes were our other entrants at the championships they all fought well so they can all hold their heads high and see what next year holds!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dufftown Open - 26th September 2009

23 Garioch players travelled up to the Dufftown open this weekend. It was another great result for the club with 16 medals coming home. Everyone put in a good performance - Well done guys!


Ben De Miranda (-34kg) - Gold

Sean Dunn (-42kg) - Gold

Kyle Brown (-46kg) - Gold

Calum Duff (-81kg & Open) - Gold

Rebecca Slater (-28kg) - Silver
Nordine Adrif (-30kg) - Silver

Nicole Galt (-36kg) - Silver

Fergus MacFarlane (-38kg) - Silver

Harriot Andrews (-63kg) - Silver

Bradley Fyfe (-90kg & Open) - Silver

Logan Leslie (-27kg) - Bronze

Andrew McWatt (-30kg) - Bronze

Lewis Williamson (-34kg) - Bronze

Carol Allan (-63kg) - Bronze

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Heart of England Championships - 6th September 2009

Triple medal success for Garioch at one of Britain's biggest competitions held in the National indoor arena in Birmingham with over 900 competitors. All three of our players fought very well against some of the best players in the country.


Stuart McWatt (-42kg) - Gold
Ewen MacDonald (-50kg) - Gold
Jessie Mathewson (-44kg) - Bronze

Great result you guys!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Scottish Championships - 12th september 2009

Garioch sent down 19 competitors to meadowbank in Edinburgh for the Scottish championships this year. All 19 of them were a credit to our club with some great judo resulting in five new Scottish champions for Garioch.


New Scottish Champions:
Stuart McWatt (-42kg b band) - Gold
Lewis Mark (-27kg a band) - Gold
Olivia Reid (-28kg a band) - Gold
James Littler (-38kg b band) - Gold
Jessie Mathewson (-44kg b band) - Gold

Other medalists:
Murray Wood (-30kg a band) - Silver
Ewen Macdonald (-46kg b band) - Silver
Helen Forbes (-57kg c band) - Silver
Shannon Reid (-40kg b band) - Bronze
Scott Lyall (-46 c band) - Bronze

Well done to all the players and thanks to the mat side coaches for their help.

Lakeland Open - Sunday 23rd August 2009

Two of our judo players took the trip down to Kendal to compete in this superior event, which is hosted in Kendal judo clubs purpose built dojo.

Stuart McWatt received silver although he fought well throughout the competition; he was unfortunately beaten in the final by a wazari.

James Littler was our other player down at the competition, he also received silver. Again another good solid performance throughout by James, but unfortunately he was caught for ippon in the final.

Well done boys!

Sunday, 13 September 2009


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