Monday, 12 October 2009

British Championships - 10th/11th October 2009

The club had six players qualify for the British Championships this year under the new system and we returned with one new British champion and two bronze medallists.

Stuart mcwatt fought his way on Saturday to become British Champion at under 42kg b band. Well done Stuart from everyone at the club!

Other medallists where Jessie Mathews and Ewen McDonald who both fought well on the day and came home with a bronze medal - well done both of you. James Littler, Scott Lyall and Helen Forbes were our other entrants at the championships they all fought well so they can all hold their heads high and see what next year holds!


  1. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Stuart for his win from the Cook Family - well done....x

  2. Congratulations to young Stuart on his achievement. Not only had he to contend with one of the largest pools on the day (30 + players) but his standing judo was superb-2 throws come to mind, an uchimata perfectly timed and an ippon seonagi that had the crowd applauding to the rafters!

    Also well done to my son Ewen and Jessie in winning bronze medals - no mean feat when you are pitched against the best of UK juniors. The tremendous run of results from the Heart of England through to the Scottish Age Bands and British Championships is the result of a lot of ahrd work by the palyers but most of all by Stuart (senior) and his fellow coaches. The Garioch Judo club is now one of the most successful in Scotland not only in term sof competitive judo but also in the sheer numbrer of younysters now enjoying the sport. Take a bow Stuart and fellow coaches and also Elaine who keeps the show on the road!