Friday, 19 March 2010

Elgin Open - 13th March 2010

Elgin open is one of the biggest area competitions in the north of Scotland with all of the clubs in the north east attending. Needless to say there was a great turn out. Garioch had 20 players attending all did very well with some great results.



Logan Rorie (
-27kg ) Silver
Liam Atkin (-30kg) Gold
Lewis Mark (-30kg) Silver
Murray Wood (-30kg ) Bronze
Ben Demirander (-34kg) Silver
Morgan Cook (-34kg) Bronze
Rhyan Harper (-34kg ) 2 wins 2 loses

Fergus McFarlane (-38kg) Silver
Rurie McColl (-38kg) No result
Lewis Williamson (-38kg) 1 win 2 loses

James Littler (-46kg) Gold

Scott Lyall (-50kg) Bronze
Ross Mark (-50kg) Bronze
Keiran McColl (-50kg) No result


Nicole Galt (-50kg) Silver
Rebecca Demirander (Open) Gold
Charlotte (Open) Silver


Harriet Andrews - Silver


Harriet Andrews - Bronze
Fiona Robertson - No result
Carol - Bronze
Phillip Jack (+80kg) Gold
Bradley Fyfe (+80kg) Silver

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  1. Well done to everyone who took part and good luck to anyone taking part in Neil Adams this weekend....xx