Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dufftown Championships - 9th October 2010

On the same day as the British, 11 of our other players fought at one of our local competitions in Dufftown. They all fought hard with some good results. Matside coach on the day was Elaine and she was very impressed with the standard of judo produced by our home grown talent.


Sean Dunn (-50kg) - Gold
Louise Proctor (-25kg) - Gold
Logan Rurie (-30kg) - Gold
Arran Christie (-34kg) - Gold (Red belt category)
Lewis Williamson (-38kg) - Gold
Andrew McWatt (-34 kg) - Silver (Yellow belt category)
Sean Dunn (-60kg) - Youths Silver
Leila Adrif (-25kg) - Silver
Eric Rasmussen (-42kg) - Bronze
Nordin Adrif (-34kg) - Bronze
Rurie McColl (-42kg) - No result
Kieran McColl (-55kg) - No result

Well done to all !!

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  1. Well done everyone...keep up the good work!!!